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Chaoling Chinaware Valve Co., Ltd is leading Shower Column Manufacturers and factory in China, we custom Shower Column according to the customers' drawings or samples. OEM/ODM is welcomed. Feel free to visit our Shower Column factory.

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Industry knowledge

Can a shower column be installed in an existing bathroom?

Yes, a shower column can typically be installed in an existing bathroom. However, the ease of installation and the specific requirements may vary depending on the existing plumbing and the design of the shower column itself.
Here are some general steps to consider when installing a shower column in an existing bathroom:
Determine the feasibility: Assess whether your existing bathroom has the necessary space and infrastructure to accommodate a shower column. Consider factors such as available wall space, plumbing access, and electrical requirements.
Choose the right shower column: Select a shower column that fits your needs and preferences. Consider features like the type of showerhead, additional sprayers or jets, thermostatic controls, and any other desired functionalities.
Shut off the water supply: Before beginning any installation work, turn off the water supply to the bathroom. This is typically done by closing the valves connected to the water lines.
Prepare the installation area: Remove any existing shower fixtures or components that may be in the way. Clear the installation area of any obstacles and ensure the wall surface is clean and free from debris.
Follow manufacturer's instructions: Carefully read the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of the shower column. They will provide specific guidelines on how to install the unit correctly.
Mount the shower column: Attach the shower column to the wall according to the manufacturer's instructions. This usually involves drilling holes, using anchors or brackets, and securely fastening the unit to the wall.
Connect plumbing and electrical: Depending on the design of the shower column, you may need to connect the plumbing and electrical components. This could involve connecting water supply lines, drainage, and electrical wiring if the unit has features like built-in lights or digital controls.
Test and make adjustments: Once the shower column is installed, turn on the water supply and test the functionality. Check for any leaks or issues and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper installation.

Can I upgrade or replace individual components of a shower column?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade or replace individual components of a shower column. The extent to which you can replace or upgrade components may vary depending on the specific design and manufacturer of the shower column. 
Here are some common components of a shower column that you may consider upgrading or replacing:
Showerhead: The showerhead is one of the most frequently upgraded components. You can choose from various types, such as rain showerheads, handheld showerheads, or massaging showerheads. Upgrading the showerhead can enhance the water flow, adjust the spray pattern, or introduce additional features like water-saving capabilities.
Shower Panel: The shower panel usually includes controls for water temperature, pressure, and other functions. If you want more advanced features or a different aesthetic, you can replace the entire panel to match your preferences.
Body Jets: Some shower columns have body jets, which are smaller nozzles mounted at various heights along the shower column. These provide additional water streams for a more spa-like experience. If your shower column has body jets, you may be able to replace or add more to customize the water flow and direction.
Controls and Valves: The control knobs or levers, as well as the valves responsible for regulating water flow, can also be upgraded. You might opt for a more precise temperature control mechanism or valves that provide better water pressure regulation.