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    Adeling is the manufacturer of concealed shower. Concealed shower is very popular in the market now because of its Simple and elegant appearance:
    1. The concealed shower faucet adjusts the cold and hot water very quickly and accurately, making it more convenient and comfortable to use. 
    2. The concealed shower faucet has various shapes, which can be matched with different shower heads to enhance its useful function. 
    3. The concealed shower faucet has high practical value and high-cost performance and has been loved and supported by consumers.
    4. Adeling new designed concealed faucet, with PP-R body, which can be directly welding with PP-R water supplying pipes in the wall, it brings good sealing without leakage along with building's lifetime. Meanwhile it saves lot of metal material, brings more competitive price.

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Chaoling Chinaware Valve Co., Ltd is leading Concealed Shower Manufacturers and factory in China, we custom Concealed Shower according to the customers' drawings or samples. OEM/ODM is welcomed. Feel free to visit our Concealed Shower factory.

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Industry knowledge

What are the advantages of a concealed shower?

Concealed showers offer several advantages over traditional exposed showers. Here are some of the key benefits:
Aesthetics: Concealed showers provide a sleek and minimalist look to the bathroom. The plumbing and pipework are hidden behind the wall, resulting in a clean and uncluttered appearance. This design choice can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and create a more modern and contemporary feel.
Space-saving: Concealed showers can help save space in the bathroom. Since the plumbing is concealed within the wall, there is no need for exposed pipework or bulky shower fixtures. This can be particularly beneficial in smaller bathrooms or when trying to maximize the available space.
Ease of cleaning: Exposed showers often have visible pipework and joints that can accumulate dirt, grime, and mold. With concealed showers, the plumbing components are hidden, making it easier to clean the shower area. There are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can accumulate, simplifying the cleaning process and contributing to better hygiene.
Safety: Concealed showers can provide enhanced safety features. For example, thermostatic valves can be installed with concealed showers, allowing for precise temperature control and reducing the risk of scalding. Additionally, concealed showers can have built-in anti-scald devices and pressure-balancing mechanisms that help maintain a consistent water temperature even when other water sources are used in the house.
Customization: Concealed showers offer greater flexibility in terms of design and customization. You can choose from a wide range of showerhead styles, sizes, and finishes to match your personal preferences and bathroom decor. The concealed nature of the shower system allows for more versatility in creating a personalized and unique bathing experience.
Durability: Since concealed showers have the plumbing components protected within the wall, they are less prone to wear and tear. Exposed showers, on the other hand, can be susceptible to damage from accidental knocks or misuse. Concealed showers offer better durability and longevity, making them a practical choice for long-term use.

What is a concealed shower?

A concealed shower refers to a type of shower system where the plumbing and other functional components are hidden behind the wall or ceiling, providing a clean and streamlined look to the bathroom. In a concealed shower, the showerhead, controls, and other features are not prominently visible, as they are recessed within the wall or ceiling, leaving only the essential elements exposed.
The concealed shower system typically consists of a concealed valve, which controls the water flow and temperature, and a concealed showerhead. These components are installed during the construction or remodeling of the bathroom and require access to the plumbing behind the wall.
The advantage of a concealed shower is its aesthetic appeal. With the functional elements hidden, it creates a minimalist and uncluttered appearance in the bathroom. The focus is on the clean lines of the tiles or wall materials without the distraction of visible pipes or fixtures.
In addition to the visual benefits, concealed showers often offer flexibility in design. The concealed valve allows for separate controls of water flow and temperature, and it can be combined with various types of showerheads, such as rain showerheads or handheld showerheads, depending on personal preference.